The Big Bang theory of Leicester City FC

iThe social media world is buzzing at the moment with the unbelievable story that happened in the English Premiership.

All of sudden Arsenal supporters, Chelsea fans and Manchester United enthusiasts took time to appreciate this fairy-tale story of a “small” team doing the unthinkable.

There is something attractive and seductive about the underdog story, it always quickly wins you over. It is amazing how many people are still talking about this story till today.

It is the same theme with the Big Bang theory. Most movies and sitcoms are about the popular girl or guy who dresses well, has cool friends and always comes out tops. Something like James Bond or Two and a half men

However with the Big Bang theory geeks rule and the popular girl is the “dull” one. Dr Sheldon Cooper, Dr Leonard Hofstadter, Dr Raj Koothrappali, Howard Wolowitz, Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz and Dr Amy Farrah fowler are the geeks of the show. Penny who would be the popular sexy girl in another sitcom is the odd one out in this case! It is probably the reason why it is arguably the most successful sitcom to date.

I learn something through all this and it is that everyone has a chance to make it but only if they see it that way. The story of the underdog is Still filling up the cinemas and it certainly was packing up the King Power stadium in England.big_bang_theory

All of a sudden the young entrepreneur who is just starting off, who has to face competition from big corporates with big cash flow has hope.

All of a sudden the average student whose parents are divorced and feels everything is against him will feel he also stands a fighting chance.

This is the message from the Big Bang theory and recently this is the same message from the story of Leicester CITY FC the current English Football champions for the first time in about a 130 years of history.

If you are feeling like everything is against you in life, like you have big dreams but they feel unrealistic because you are too far off from your finish line. Look no further for hope.

Leicester CITY football team cost a whole lot less money to assemble, some players came as free agents. That means nothing was paid for them in transfer fees, in simpler terms they were unwanted by their previous clubs. They were rejects! They were excess baggage in other teams but they chose believe for something bigger and go all out for it!

To even say they stood a chance to win the league against expensively assembled sides like Manchester City, Manchester Unted and Chelsea FC you would have been taking chances. they were far off, just mere dreamers just like you feel like right now!

However here we are about 9 months later and the unexpected underdogs have shown the power of hard work and dedication. No corruption, No inside contacts, No nepotism, No black magic, just pure grit from ambitious average people.

You do not have to have the capital in your bank account to start a business. You do not always have to be a citizen to be able to own a house in a foreign country. You do not have to be the smartest kid to make it in life and you do not have to be the most beautiful person to get married.

Let us get back to dreaming again, I dare you to use this story as an inspiration. Someone could be writing about your story one day because life is by design!


#IAm2ndPlace | So I try harder

I will just shoot straight to the point, it has been a long time since I posted anything on this space. New season for me, new challenges but like my scientist wife I never stop observing people, life, behaviors, economies you name it.

I am amazed at how many people want to live better purposeful lives but never change anything in their everyday activities especially their attitudes.

A lot of people are waiting to become white, intelligent, lucky, married, or even to land in The United States of America first for their lives to change miraculously!

Some are just waiting to win the lottery, while others just want to pick up a million bucks over night and become a sensation just like that.

People always feel disadvantaged, they always feel like second place. There is always a lingering mentality that tells them and everyone that they just do not cut it and there have reasons for it.

They have an alibi or what I like to call an excuse because that is simply what it is. Being poor, black, disadvantaged, short, ugly or academically challenged is not the reason why you are still stuck in a rut.

One thinks they are stuck in a rut because they are thinking it! One can never live over and above their level of thinking. You will eat off the fruits of your beliefs!

One needs to just develop the attitude of an athlete, like everyone they hate winning the silver medal but they find a solution to get back in the final for that gold medal – NO EXCUSES!

I remember McKayla Maroney, a member of the Fierce Five gymnasts coming second at the World Championships and she appeared to hide her silver medal. And indeed she has gold medals to date.

Seth Curry does not sit back at home feeling overwhelmed about his brothers’ fame. Stephen Curry is currently the NBA’s Most valuable player but his younger brother released a documentary that had a similar theme to my post, “I AM SECOND THAT IS WHY I TRY HARDER

I think you and me can learn from this, life is a maze of challenges and problems so it is only the problem solvers who overcome!

AVIS CAR HIRE used a similar approach in their adverts in The United States of America, they knew they were not number 1. They accepted it and made sure they made the nation know it.

Those who wine and hope for a miracle are most likely going to live a life of grumbling and complaining because nothing will change unless they change their attitudes and activities!

Everything does not have to go your way, the economy does not have to be in your favor, you do not have to be a citizen to make it, you do not have to be lucky in business and your boss or lecturer do not really have to believe in you!

To athletes second place is first loser. So ACCEPT IT and swallow your second place, accept what is against you reaching your goals. Then begin to work from there by first changing your mentality because Remember Life is by Design!

Life’s road signs | Time Management

Life’s road signs | Time Management

I was just wondering now how many of you are still fired up about this new year as I am. Boy am I excited to see how things will progress as I get closer to the goals I have meditated on for a long time now.

Then I stumbled upon one of life’s road signs as I was in the worlds most inspirational place – the shower! The question is this, “How many things do you managed to fit well in the same 24 hours that your role models have?”

We can even narrow it down to this morning. While I may be only fitting in a bath, a ball of cereal and a cup of coffee then work, else someone could multiply that amount of responsibilities by far.

There is some highly successful person you probably call your role model who is able to fit in a quiet moment of prayer, a good gym session, breakfast, a bath, getting the kids ready for school, drop them at school and then work.

Everyone has the same morning no matter which time zone you are in, but what you fit in it and how can be an indication of how far you will go and possible how long it will take.

That is one big road sign in your life. If ever you have bigger goals and dreams then you are basically asking for more and bigger responsibilities. Yet You will NOT and will NEVER get more hours in a day so you will have to fit MORE things in a day.

So how are you managing your time in a day. Are you even up yet by now, how many things have you effectively done so far if you are up and running. So I stopped kidding myself I took this road sign to heart.

I have a big building project in progress and I cannot afford to take short cuts and experiment. What can you adjust in your management of time, these are the moments you have to design the kind of life you will live in future!

Approximately “167 Paris Killings” in Nigeria | #AfricaStandUp


Well I cannot help but grumble at the comments I keep seeing on social media about why the world cannot stand up for the terror  tragedies in Nigeria.

I agree that this cases are massive, you would have to multiply the people who were reported dead in Paris by about 167 to at least match the death of victims in the West African country.

The world is currently at shock and I believe or rather hope Governments are currently discussing how to try and be ready for future catastrophes.

I am saddened though that most people usually Africans to be honest, are playing the blame game again!!!!

They are pulling the “DO IT FOR ME” card once again by complaining why the Paris attacks got so much publicity and not the Nigerian ones!

Does that not sound familiar my brothers and sisters, why is it always the alibi of the “World against Africa”?

It is like dejavu because I heard about the same excuses on the ebola case which is still going but i guess people nowadays have a shorter attention span.

Firstly it is the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls came out and addressed the Nation, at the moment he is suggesting solutions of more surveillance and better security.

I am not hearing anything from the President of Nigeria nor any other African President. Yet Africa wants someone else in Europe to lose sleep over the Nigerian attacks.

france_newspaper_attack2-e1420689239169It is the people of France who flooded the streets of Paris to show Unity and support to the families who lost their loved ones.

According to the Nigerian Population Commission, Nigeria alone has a population of about 167 million. I am yet to see even a gathering of 10000 Nigerians alone coming out to stand together in unity. I guess it is even a far cry to expect the rest of Africa to march their streets in support of Nigeria.

I was impressed by ORANGE, a Cellular network provider in Botswana who started a campaign to raise funds for the Ebola crisis, “Join Orange in the fight against Ebola. Simply send “Stop Ebola” to 17997 and donate P3.00 .The funds raised will be directed towards the Africa Against Ebola Fund

We have major media houses in Africa, it is time to look at ourselves and make our own noise about cases like these. It will even be a fitting platform for the Africa Against Ebola Fund organizers to also publish their progress to the masses.

I am deeply saddened and sorry for the victims affected and their families but there could be more tragedies in the future and we have to stand united and proud!

How about we stand up and look at ourselves, How about we make some attitude adjustments because like I always say – Life is by Design!






Become your own self activist

protest-155927_640There is a common saying, “The standard you walk past is the standard you accept”

Very true indeed. Look at the activists in life’s history. For instance Malcolm X and Martin Luther King junior could not just ignore the inequality and oppression of one race over another for another day. The loathed at the smell of it. The more they saw it the more they felt compelled to do something about.

The same goes for Abraham Lincoln who fought hard to abolish slave trade. However, there are millions of people who walked past the same ills of society and did nothing about it. They probably complained about it at work with their colleagues. Then they would get home and grumbled about it with family and friends.

It is like the parable of the Good Samaritan, one out of three people dared to do something about a wounded man lying on the streets. That one man was a Samaritan who dared to stop for an injured Jew, after a priest and a religious rabbi had walked past. It is like a Serbian stopping to help an Albanian.

So you would be shocked how many millions of black American people were not happy about their lives that time and yet only a few were prepared to die and suffer for change. The pain of fighting for a better future is always as appetizing as living in the future itself for the radical activist.

Now let us come back to your situation, when it comes to your life – you do not have the masses helping you to live it out and pursue your dreams. So you cannot look to someone else to pursue the necessary adjustments that need to happen in your life. It is all on you partner!

How is the state of your health as you walk past it everyday, is it wounded, does it need attention? Are you happy with your weight?

How is your financial life, are you battling to pay for the basic necessities? Does just a mere holiday trigger a huge squeeze out of your budget?

How is your social life and relationships with family, friends, girlfriend or wife? Do you get the same complaints from most of them about certain aspects of your character?

How is your spiritual life? Are you even afraid to ask someone to give you feedback about your growth because you know what they are going to say? Have you been in the same place for 38 years like the invalid man at the pool of Bethesda?

If the mediocre standard you are experiencing right now rents space in your mind, if it bothers you then you must hit the “streets and protest” to yourself for change.

The first step to turning your life around is to be fed up with where you are. Enough with internalizing the problem issues and doing nothing about them.

Secondly you need to stop making excuses and taking the responsibility to the state your life is right now. If people lied to you how come you believed it? If people used you how come you let them do it?

Thirdly, forgive them and yourself – everyone involved. This is a key step because you will never leave the angry round about of despair unless you let the hurts go.

Then you need to meditate the future you and be convinced about how things need to be. Obviously do some research and even take your time to get input about digging yourself out of this man-made “Kimberley hole” of yours.

Lastly, Once you conceive this picture in the depth of your inner person you must begin the massive project of building your future. You need to get over the fear of people and what they will say. The fear of failure and what ifs and the even the fear of success too.

If you are walking past the standards in your life and doing nothing about them then you are simply accepting the way things are now and the way they will end up based on the path you are following everyday.

Be the change you want to see, your dream will not just come to you automatically regardless of how spiritual or self driven you are. Your prayers and the relationship you have with God are simply the springboard to which your faith is empowered to go and conquer the storms until you get to the other side. Life is more practical than it is painted to be by religion and psychology.

Notice that CONQUER is a doing word that is why Life is by design!

A wiser way to plan your life

way-of-wisdomYou can go to any higher learning institute and you will not here this kind of life changing planning tips. Every expert will tell you how to view the weather forecast and plan your journey.

However some of them do not live or even have the platform to tell the whole world that planning using equipment or theories made by man is not disaster proof.

There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death. People are limited in vision they need indications and signs to make long term decisions and when those parameters are wrong, well so is the future.

That is where I believe the best method – God, comes in, take some time to involve Him in your BIG decisions in life.

God is the only one I know who knows all things. The very thing you will do in the next minute from now, He knew you would do it before He even created this earth.

This may sound fictional but it is absolutely true. In His Spirit is the treasure map to the steps needed to fulfill your life’s asignment.

Success is only measured from the lens of God, there can be many definitions and markers of it but in true essence there is only one way to the top. Others a hills and only one is a giant unfathomable mountain!

Our downfall usually comes when we think we know better. That moment that we decide to use our own limited formulas to succeed is the moment our disaster begins. Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.

It is no surprise that many celebrities and famous business moguls have still asked the question, “What else is there to conquer” after they had reached the peak of the prowess!

Many have still gone a some soul searching missions after earning all the money in the world, had all the girls in the world and travelled all the places in the world.

The example is right in front of you, a life that is not defined by its creator is simply filling all the round holes with square plugs. It is all a choice game, remember Life is by Design!